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white tile backsplash behind oven in kitchen

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Carpeted room with cushioned chair and large window

Getting Started

You want flooring to complement your unique style as well as the function of the room. Throwing dinner parties? Curling up with the Sunday funnies? Dog sitting for the neighbors, yet again? Keep in mind how you will use the room.

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young boy and girl laying on carpet in bedroom reading a book

Before You Floor

First home or dream home, large or small, new or historic, each home has a character that makes it unique. We get that it can be overwhelming at times, but you have help. In this guide, we hope to provide you with practical advice, quick information and beautiful ideas so you feel inspired and confident to make the best decisions for you on your journey to new floors.

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father and son playing chess on wooden table

Before Your Floor Arrives

Installing new floors doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are four key steps to consider before the floor of your dreams makes its grand entrance.

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grey sofa with white pillow and black shelf

Healthier Home, A Better Future

Our vision is to create a better future for everyone. The effort matters because people matter.

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Dining room with table, area rug and stairs in the background

Color + Trend Forecast

Introducing Cultural Explorers, the Shaw Floors 2020 Color + Trend Forecast.

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set of grey sofas with wooden coffee table and blue loveseat

Made Smarter, Live Better

People are more conscious about spending and the impacts of their decisions.

We believe in products designed to help people make better choices. It’s no longer an all-in-one approach, but a tailored approach. No matter the specific need, Shaw offers a smarter, better product solution.

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Grey sofa and chair in living room with coffee table and large window

4 Steps to Make Your Home a Peaceful Escape

One aspect that all homes should have is a calming, peaceful vibe that puts guests at ease. After a long day at work, there's nothing more important than coming home to an environment that encourages you to kick back and relax.

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amazon echo dot with white background

Shaw Floor Care on Alexa

This is the ultimate resource for knowing how to keep floors looking their best! It is a voice-command care and maintenance research tool powered by the Shaw Floor Care Center.

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Large modern room with dark furniture and white walls

Style 101

Jumping into a new look for your floor can be daunting. That’s why most people play it safe. But even if you don’t want to show off your wilder side, there are ways to incorporate fun into your floors. You just need to find the look that works with your overall design style.

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colorful living room with bright red rug and beige furniture

Today's Color Trends

Designers from major flooring manufacturer, Shaw Industries, have gathered and analyzed information from several recent markets, including the nationally renowned High Point International Home Furnishings Show. Here they share their findings!

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Us Vs Box Stores text graphic

Us Vs Box Stores

While “big-box” stores carry some flooring, we have an enormous selection of products presenting high style and originality. When you allow us to assist you with new floors, your rooms won’t look like everyone else’s. They’ll be a special, beautiful reflection of you and your family.

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dark green tile in living room with beige furniture and fireplace

Shaw Advantages

Discover the advantages of using Shaw Flooring for your home or business!

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wood pier stretching over water

Tropical Design

If you live in a land-locked city and love the beach, infusing tropical design into your home can allow you to enjoy the beauty of your vacations year-round.

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History Of Flooring

From 3,000 B.C. to today, flooring has advanced in countless ways and developed into the industry we know today. Learn a little about the history of our industry.

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